Astrid E. Meijer 

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Business consultancy for 'prodotti tipici'


The main challenge in doing business with South Italy is not finding great products. It is in finding partners who are ready to do business abroad and in building  relationships that can stand the test of time, with respect for both parties' wishes and limitations, and a mutual trust in a joint future.


Our consultancy not only helps you to find suitable partners, it supports you in developing new opportunities with existing relationships and in expanding your international network.


Astrid E . Meijer offers concrete, simple and no-nonsense services that are modular: you choose what your main need is and together we build a suitable support package for your goals. Your business always remains at the center of ours.


With its headquarters in Sassano (SA) in the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni National Park, the company focuses mainly on products from in and around its own region, for companies both in Europe and beyond. 




Astrid Ellen Meijer

Born in Holland, raised in Belgium in the international context of the EU, I became interested in languages and cultures at an early age. Graduated in Cultural Antholopogy at the University of Amsterdam, I brought a unique perspective into my career path in the multi-nationals of information technology. Working in that technical context, I realized that the success of a project almost never depends on technology. Instead it depends on people and how they communicate. For every barrier there is a common point, from every misunderstanding arises an opportunity to understand each other better.

Over the course of 15 years, I have managed international teams, projects for national and multinational clients, maintained a global portfolio of services and won tenders in Italy, Germany, Holland, Great Britain and the United States United. I chose to live in Italy out of passion for its culture and nature. Cilento means to me: fresh air, space, nature, good food, history, culture and a clean sea. I wish the whole world could know its typical products. Therefore, proposing them to you and your clients is not just a job; it is a pleasure.